Fishery sales keep slipping away

U YAQOUB says there is no question whether the fish business is in crisis. A 50-year-old resident of Kyimyindaing township, he employs two regular workers to meet local demand for the important protein source. He meets with brokers representing fish farms, negotiates the price and finalises orders. When the fish arrive, they are weighed and […]

EU to Resume Myanmar Fishery Inspections

Officials from the European Union (EU) will begin to inspect fishery factory products intended for export in 2015, U Tin Hla, an advisor from Myanmar Fisheries Producers and Exporters Association told Myanmar Business Today. This is the initial stage for the official export to EU according to their regulations and laws. Currently, two cold storage […]

Fish Food Prices Increase as China Imports More Raw Materials

The local Fish Food Producers Association announced that it has decided to import food for fish and prawn rather than manufacturing locally, responding to a hike in local prices. Increasing demand for fish food raw materials from China has driven up the price of fish food over the past year. In June 2013, the price […]

Exports to the U.S. top US$11 million this year

Myanmar has exported more than US$ 11 million worth of products, mainly in garments and fishery, to the United States this fiscal year, according to government statistics. The figures show a sizeable increase from US$ 2.81 million earned in exports to the U.S in the same period last year. The United States lifted economic sanction […]

Russia to buy Myanmar’s fishery products

Russia is now offering to buy Myanmar’s fishery products, according to sources from Myanmar Fishery Product Processors and Exporters Association. “Myanmar’s fishery export products will be exported to Russia’s market soon and in line with European market standards. Russian authorities will check the imported products,” Tun Aye, Secretary of Myanmar Fishery Product Processors and Exporters […]

Can Myanmar fisheries compete with Thailand and Vietnam?

Fishery factories in Myanmar will have to compete with experienced competitors in Thailand and Vietnam if they aim to conduct successful CMP (cutting, manufacturing, packaging) operations, say industry experts. Domestic fisheries firms will also be obliged to improve the state of their factories and machinery, and their technological and transportation systems if they are to […]