Meet the New Rich…in Myanmar

YANGON, Myanmar — On this balmy Saturday evening at Yangon's Wardan jetty, dock workers have momentarily stopped loading and unloading crates from rickety fishing boats. Vegetable sellers that line the dusty road by the Yangon River are sitting quiet, and trishaw drivers, too, have stopped shouting out at passersby to offer them rides. Instead, they are watching amused—and confused—as socialites from Hong Kong, London and beyond hike up their flowing skirts and gingerly tread on the dirt … [Read more...]

MOGE Begins Long Process to Pick Myanmar’s Oil & Gas Investors

Subscribe to our Tender Alert. We send out email alert on Tender and EOI as it happens. Negotiations have finally begun to select foreign investors to explore for oil and gas in the seas off Burma’s coast, but it could be another eight months before any licenses are awarded. The Myanmar Oil & Gas Enterprise (MOGE) and the Energy Planning Department (EPD) will hold talks with 61 companies that have been “shortlisted” as suitable candidates to bid. The bidders include major … [Read more...]