Telenor Myanmar Launches Postpaid Plan

Telenor Myanmar has launched a postpaid plan for customers in Yangon, Mandalay and Naypyitaw, the mobile network carrier said. Customers will be able to use this service in all of Telenor’s active coverage areas, Telenor announced. “For postpaid, our individual customers will get more convenience in terms of billing, meanwhile our enterprise customers will have special benefits for their companies. Going forward we will continue to develop services that will benefit our customers,” said … [Read more...]

E top-up service to spread nationwide

Red Dot Network, a mobile phone service provider in Myanmar, plans to expand the country's first top-up service nationwide in the near future. Andy Whelan, chief marketing officer, said the firm wanted to become the foremost provider of electronic top-up service and payment solutions in the country. The pioneering system of Red Dot represents the first step by a large retailer in Myanmar to diversify from the old, cumbersome scratch-cards. The new service was initially launched at all … [Read more...]

Telecom new comers promise greater connectivity

The days when a SIM card can cost as much as US$200 are totally gone following the liberalisation of the telecom industry, which welcomed two new players - Ooredoo and Telenor- into the country. Three weeks after its service launch on August 15, 2014, Ooredoo Myanmar, based in Qatar, sold one million SIM cards. Unveiling its services on September 27, Telenor Myanmar, a Norwegian company, sold two million SIM cards, priced as low as Ks 1,500 (US$1.5), in five weeks. Following the emergence … [Read more...]

Telenor launches first TV ad in Myanmar

Telenor, one of two international telecommunications firms with a licence to operate in Myanmar, has launched its first television commercial in the country. Created by independent Burmese agency Mango Communications, the commercial centres on a woman under pressure from her inlaws to prepare a signature dish from Mandalay. Lynn Lynn Tin Htun, head of Mango’s creative operation, explained the thinking behind the ad: “Telenor offers the lowest call rate in Myanmar, where mobile service … [Read more...]

Telecoms in Myanmar: Mobile mania

On the outskirts of Bago, a scruffy town in southern Myanmar, a tall, pale Scandinavian-looking man squints up at a four-legged telecoms mast that has recently sprouted next to a mud track. He is Petter Furberg, the boss of the Burmese operations of Telenor, a Norwegian mobile-telecoms operator. He concludes that more towers will be needed to provide the town with adequate coverage, and asks his contractors to put up some more. The job done, Telenor switched on its service in Bago on January … [Read more...]

Telenor absorbs commercial top-up tax

Telenor absorbs commercial top-up tax Telenor has been subsididing a 5 percent commercial tax on telecoms since its launch, according to Telenor Myanmar CEO Petter Furberg. An update to Myanmar’s commercial tax law took telecoms off a list of services exempt from the 5pc tax on April 1, according to Mr Furberg. While Telenor complied with the government’s new strictures, other companies didn’t – putting the telco at a disadvantage, he continued. “When we launched our services in September … [Read more...]

Former Norway Envoy’s Telenor Move Raises Eyebrows

The relationship between Myanmar and Norway has transformed in recent years; one of the most devout supporters of Myanmar’s democratic opposition movement has warmed considerably to the quasi-civilian government that assumed power in 2011, largely comprising members of the former military regime. The friendship has proven to be mutually beneficial, as Norway has enjoyed a number of coveted business licenses in once-closed, largely unexplored, resource-rich Myanmar. On the event of the first … [Read more...]

Myanmar’s digital present and future

The terrain of Myanmar’s Internet has changed fundamentally within the space of a year. But amidst the commotion over the recent launches of the first international-led private mobile phone networks inside Myanmar, other significant changes have gone relatively unnoticed. In the space of a year, the size of Myanmar’s domestic Internet – the number of companies and organisations who are hosting websites inside the country – has tripled. In September 2013, the number of locally hosted websites … [Read more...]

Myanmar Start Up Guide for E-Entrepreneurs

Harald Friedl tells you all you need to know to set up shop in Myanmar — Asia’s new frontier market Myanmar. The Myanmar Startup Guide is an attempt to describe the emerging startup space in Myanmar. From a closed, military-dominated, bureaucratic environment, Myanmar is very quickly embracing an openness to business, and firms, both large and small, have a multitude of opportunities in this young market. We have summarised the top 10 takeaways from the Guide. You can read the full report … [Read more...]

Phone Smuggling Goes Unabated as SIM Card Sales Soar

Amid rapid network expansion and increasing SIM card sales from Myanmar’s three telecom players, legally imported mobile handsets are slim in number in a market overwhelmed by smuggled devices, a government official said. Mobile handsets entering the country via air, sea or overland channels were previously subject to 10 percent custom tariff, 5 percent commercial tax and 2 percent advance income tax but the custom tariff has been cut to 5 percent this year to encourage legal … [Read more...]