Priority items chosen for National Export Strategy

In developing the country’s trade sector through an export-led growth model, six products and one service have been chosen as priorities for Myanmar’s National Export Strategy, according to the national consultant responsible for the strategy.

“The priority export items have been chosen based on two criteria. One is its potential given the current trading situation, and the other is how much it could bring socioeconomic benefits for the country,” said Maung Aung.

He said that rice, beans, peas and oil crops, fishery products, textiles and garments, wood and wood products, and rubber have been selected as the country’s national export items and tourism as the national service for the National Export Strategy. These were chosen after discussions among government, private and civil society organisations, and experts from international trade circles.

“Reviewing these chosen items, they are products from the agriculture sector. For instance, if rice exports go up, it will benefit both farmers and consumers,” said Maung Aung.

He added that the strategy will be rolled out over five years, and that the vice president will form a trade central committee to speed up the plan.

Asian countries such as Japan, South Korea, Hong Kong, and Singapore have all developed by using this method, he said.

Source: ELEVEN Myanmar

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