Ministry of Transport: Invitation for Open Tender, Closing date: 5th May, 2014

Ministry of Transport
Department of Civil Aviation
(Invitation for Open Tender)

1. Ministry of Transport, Department of Civil Aviation wishes to purchase the following materials, which will be used 2014-2015 financial year, in Myanmar/foreign currency.

 No Identities Qty Currency
1 Area Photo Camera 1-No USD
2 Directional Radio Range & Distance Measuring Equipment 2-Sets (Doppler Very High Frequency Omni) 2-Sets USD
3 X’ray Machines (Check Baggage) 4-Nos USD
4 X’ray Machines (Hand Carry) 12-Nos USD
5 Walk Through Metal Detector 5-Nos USD
6 Very High Frequency Transmitter/Receiver 5-Nos USD
7 Test Equipment 1-Lot USD
8 Automatic Dependent Surveillance Broadcast (ADS-B) 1-Lot USD
9 Spare parts for Very Small Aperture Terminal /Remote Control Air Ground (VSAT/RCAG) 1-Lot USD
10 Spare parts for Selex DVOR/DME/ILS 1-Lot USD
11 Headset with Build in Circuit (10-sets) 1-Lot USD
12 Medium Power 1 KW Transmitter/ Receiver 1-set USD
13 Electronic Laboratory for Radio Mechanic AT-3000 Training System (DEGEM) 4-sets USD
14 INGEGNERIA DEI SISTEMI (IDS) Electro Magnetic Airport Control & Survey (EMACS) System for Electromagnetic Performance & Interference Analysis 1-set USD
15 CNS Equipment Maintenance 1 Lot USD
16 ATC System Software Up grading 1 Lot USD
17 Fire Tender 2 Nos USD
18 Repair Trainer Kit for PersonalComputer 3 Nos USD
19 Spare parts for Automatic Weather Observation System (AWOS) & Airport Weather System (AWS) 1 Lot USD
20 Calibration for Flight Check /DVOR/DME, ILS/RADAR 1 Lot USD
21 Uninterruptable Power Supply (650 W) 30 Nos USD
22 Fire Ball 50 Kg DCP 10 Nos USD
23 Fire Extinguisher (2 Kg Co2) 60 Nos USD
24 Dry Chemical Power (3 KG) 60 Nos USD
25 Runway Structure Design (Examing & lab tools) 1 Lot USD
26 10 KVA Single Phase Generator (Diesel) 5 Nos Kyat
27 20 KVA Single Phase Generator (Diesel) 5 Nos Kyat
28 Tractor With Rotary Cutter (4 Wheel Diesel) 5 Nos Kyat
29 Side Grass Cutting Machine (Japan) 20 Nos Kyat
30 Grass Cutting Machine 30 Nos Kyat
31 Air Conditioning (Split Type) 2 HP (Mitsubishi) 8 Nos Kyat
32 Air Conditioning (Split Type) 1 HP (Mitsubishi) 12 Nos Kyat
33 Teaching Aids for CAT 11 Lot Kyat
34 Toyota Hilux Pick up (Extra Cab) (Vigo) 2009 Model 2 Nos Kyat
35 Toyota Mark X (Saloon) 2009 Model 5 Nos Kyat
36 Toyota Hiace (14 Seaters) 2009 Model 2 Nos Kyat
37 Computer (Acer Aspire V3.471 G) 50 Sets Kyat
38 Printer (Canon LBP 2900 B) 7 Nos Kyat
39 Printer (FADGO HDP-8500) 1 No Kyat
40 Printer (FARGO DTC-1000) 1 No Kyat
41 Scanner (P 215) 5 Nos Kyat
42 Digital Multifunction Copier (Colour) (Canon iR 2545) 1 No Kyat
43 Digital Multifunction Copier (Canon iR 2520) 9 Nos Kyat
44 Laptop Computer 5 Nos Kyat
45 Projector 5 Sets Kyat
46 Steel Cupboard 10 Nos Kyat
47 4 pairs of chairs 250 Sets Kyat
48 Computer Table & Chair 10 Nos Kyat
49 Arm Chair (C-2) 10 Nos Kyat
50 Office Table 10 Nos Kyat
51 Drawing Table 20 Nos Kyat
52 Working Table 44 Nos Kyat
53 Chairs 44 Nos Kyat
54 Bed (Single) 44 Nos Kyat
55 Sette 1 No Kyat
56 Cupboard 2 Nos Kyat
57 Wardrobe 27 Nos Kyat
58 Automatic Printing System 1 Set Kyat
59 Computer for Arc Geographic Information 1 Lot Kyat
60 Computer for English Proficiency Test 1 Lot Kyat
61 Computer for Visual Vectoring Simulator 1 Lot Kyat
62 Machinery for Provision of Ground Validation (FPSAT) 1 Lot Kyat

2. Specification and tender forms will be sold within office hours commence form 23-4-2014 and closing date and time are 5-5-2014, 15:00. For detailed information, contact to the following address:

Administrative & Planning Sub-committee
Department of Civil Aviation, Mingalardon Tsp, Yangon
Ph: 01-533006, 01-533030, ext: 506

Source: Ministry of Transport

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