Inspectors find illegal imports at four ports

Mobile teams inspecting ports for illegal imports have found containers carrying unlicenced goods at four seaports, officials said.

Inspections at four ports, including Asia World Port, covered 15,060 containers since the crackdown on illegal trade through ports began on July 2.

When the crackdown began officials said the first month would be an “education” period. They also said the crackdown aimed to protect consumers.

Besides Asia World port, inspections have also taken place at Htee Tan, Myanma Industrial and Bo Aung Kyaw ports, as well as at Yangon International Airport.

From July 2 to 23, mobile teams inspected 5,716 containers at Asia World Port, 4,208 at Htee Tan Port, 4,646 at Myanma Industrial Port and 490 at Bo Aung Kyaw Port, officials said.

Inspectors said they found commodities that were not listed in the licence or identification documents, loads exceeding the amount described, and differences in model numbers, sizes, logos, as well as country of origin at all four ports.

During the so-called educational period of the crackdown, those who violate laws on imports are subject to fines. Tax rates are also reassessed. The goods are returned when appropriate taxes and fines are paid. From August 1, those found violating export and import laws or maritime customs laws will be charged according to these laws, officials said.

There are several types of illegal trade, including importing without permission, importing goods or commodities that differ from those listed on the licence or identification documents, importing in excess of the licence, importing goods and commodities at incorrect prices and tax rates, and using inaccurate import documents.

President Thein Sein’s administration began a crackdown on illegal trade in 2012. This included the establishment of mobile inspection teams, which initially began patrolling land routes for illegal imports.


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