Myanma Petroleum Products Enterprise to invite open tender (3/2014); Closing Date: September 18, 2014

Ministry of Energy
Myanma Petroleum Products Enterprise
Invitation for Opened Tender (3/2014)

1. Open tenders are invited for supply of the following respective items in Myanmar Kyats and United States Dollars (CIF Yangon).

Sr.No Tender No Description Qty Remark
(1) MPPE/LP/MCY/CAP/T/5  (2014-2015) 2,800. Gallons Bowser (Brand New) 10 Units Kyats
(2) MPPE/LP/MCY/CAP/T/6 (2014-2015) Flow Meter 100 IGPM (Positive Displacement Liquid controls, Branded) 10 Nos Kyats
(3) MPPE/LP/MCY/CAP/T/7  (2014-2015) Air Conditioner 5 Sets Kyats
(4) MPPE/LP/TTS/T/2  (2014-2015) Tyre with Tube and Flap 2 Items Kyats
(5) MPPE/MCY/CAP/T/3  (2014-2015) 300 IGPM Fuel Transfer Centrifugal Pump (Engine Driven) 2 Sets USD
(6) MPPE/MCY/CAP/T/4  (2014-2015) Fire Fighting Angus Engine Driven Pump With Trailer Inductor 2 Sets USD
(7) MPPE/MCY/CAP/T/5  (2014-2015) Mercedes Refueller Engine Assembly with Clutch and Gear Box Assembly 2 Sets USD
(8) MPPE/AV/T/1


Aviation Gasoline 100LL Litre Drums 480×200 USD


Aviation Lubricating Oil & Grease 14 Items USD
(10) MPPE/MCY/T/2


Filter Elements 8 Items USD

2. Tender Closing Date & Time- 18-9-2014, 12:00 Hrs.

3. Tender documents are available at our office starting from 19-8-2014 during office hours and for further detail
Please contact Phone: 067-411487.

Planning Department
Myanma Petroleum Products Enterprise
Ministry of Energy, No(6) Complex, Nay Pyi Taw

Source: Myanma Petroleum Products Enterprise

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