Omni Focus to run BRT system in Yangon within three months

The Yangon region government is making another attempt to tackle the worsening traffic situation by contracting Omni Focus Co to run the Bus Rapid Transport (BRT) system on Yangon’s busy Waizayantar Road, where no bus line had operated previously, within three months, sources say.

“We have permitted trial runs of the BRT system on Waizayantar Road in three months’ time,” an official from the Yangon region Road Transport Ministry said.

Omni Focus currently runs the Myitta Hling bus line in Yangon.

Amid widespread discontent among commuters because of the time they spend on the roads, the government is planning measures to ease the traffic situation. If the results were satisfactory, the government would allow more companies to run the BRT system in Yangon, an official said.

However, many are unconvinced about the likelihood of success of the venture. “Although BRT system buses are more comfortable because of facilities such as air-conditioning, running the buses up and down Waizayantar Road will be an uphill task and is unlikely to succeed because of the traffic conditions,” an urban analyst said.

Drivers and commuters said the arrangement will worsen the traffic jams.

There was also criticism about the manner in which the local government had gone about handing out the contract. “The Yangon region government is inviting tenders to run the BRT system in Yangon without submitting them to the Yangon region parliament. This indicates a lack of transparency in the government process,” an MP from the Yangon region said.


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