Eighteen sites identified for wind-power plants

Studies are well under way into 18 locations in Myanmar, including Yangon, for the generation of electricity from wind power, according to the Electric Power Ministry.

Ten of the potential sites are in Rakhine State, five in Ayeyawaddy Region, two in Yangon Region and one in Chin State, and the study process commenced last year, said a ministry official close to the study programme.

“Three years of research in total are required into the sites for producing electricity by using wind power. As the capital investment is big, much thought has to go into the return on investment when it comes to setting up such a business. But the plan is to implement the plants with a suitable rate of return to fulfil the requirement for electricity,” he said.

Each wind-power plant would be able to generate 80 to 100 megawatts of electricity, said the research official.

“Chiefly, the areas in Mawlamyine and Chin State have got enough wind power. And the current study sites are also fine for the project,” he added.

The ministry has stated that the World Bank promised to provide US$400 million (Ks 390 billion) towards Myanmar’s need to fulfil its electricity requirements. These funds will also be used for wind-power generation.

Meanwhile, in Putao, in Kachin State, a study is being undertaken into the construction of a small-scale hydro-power plant. Likewise, three small-scale hydro-power plants are planned for Naga Self-Administered Zones – at Matupi in Layshee Township, Hwaihtike in Lahal Township, and Taikhan in Nanyoon Township.


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