Yangon Region hunts for industrial tax evaders

The Yangon Region Work Project Scrutiny Committee and management committees of industrial zones are working together to expose entrepreneurs who have not officially declared their industries in the industrial zones, representatives of the businesses community told Mizzima on December 5.

On December 2, representatives of the committees made field trips to the industrial zones of Yangon Region. The representatives were seeking to check on those who have bought land plots without operating a company or industry at the site, those who have suspended their industries due to losses and those who have not declared their industries or work in order to evade taxation.

Their first step is to look for unused land plots. Secondly, they are looking to expose tax evaders and warn them to declare their industries. If entrepreneurs are absent, the region industrial zones management committee will issue a directive to resell their land plots.

U Myat Thinn Aung, chairman of the Hlaing Tharyar Industrial Zone management committee said: “Those entrepreneurs must declare their industries or resell their plots. If not, they must return their land plots to the government.”

Although the majority of industrialists pay tax for their businesses, some entrepreneurs do not declare their industries and neglect monetary contributions to the infrastructural development of the industrial zone they operate in.

The initial findings of the December 2 visits of the management committees were passed on to U Nyan Tun, vice president of the Yangon Region Work Project Scrutiny Committee. The committee’s work will continue.


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