Permanent Residency Applications Open

Applications for the Permanent Residency (PR) have begun, starting on December 29, a senior official form the Ministry of Immigration and Population told reporters at a briefing.

On the first day of application collection, 96 people applied for permanent residency, most of whom are ethnically Myanmar, but citizens of other countries.

Two committees, a central committee and a working committee, have been set up to process the PR applications. The central committee is chaired by the union minister of the ministry and the work committee is chaired by the deputy minister. The applicants need to first submit the application in person after which they will face an interview with the working committee, after which the central committee will decide on the application, according to U Maung Maung Than, director of the National Registration Department under the ministry.

“External experts and around five ministries are involved in the processing of PR applications. People designated as international refugees, those who have requested the political asylum and those listed in a black list cannot apply. Those who have requested political asylum can apply after withdrawing their request for the asylum without having to renounce their citizenship,” U Maung Maung Than told a press conference.

Applicants who have been granted PR status do not have the right to be a parliamentary candidate, a candidate for a position selected by the public vote nor the right to vote or work as a government employee, U Ye Tun Oo, a director from the ministry said, citing the PR law.

“This is the first time the PR system is introduced and applications will be approved based on the annual requirements of the country. For example, if more doctors are required in the health sector or there are requirements for other professions, these factors would be taken into account,” he said. In addition to individual applications, spouses or relatives can be supplied with a PR household certificate. However, the other persons included in the certificate will not receive the PR status but be recognized as dependents. Apart from the restrictions in the law, they will receive similar benefits as the citizens, he said.

The PR that will allow foreigners five year residency in the country has been introduced, aiming to grant residency to experts, investors and business professionals required for the country’s development, former citizens who can contribute to the country and foreigners have married a Myanmar citizen, according to the ministry.

The applicants for the PR system are subject to a non-refundable application fee of $500 and those approved by the board will have to pay an annual fee of $500 if they are former Myanmar citizens and $1000 if they are foreigners. The annual fee is reduced to $300 for qualified applicants aged between 7 to 18 years while it is waived for children under the age of seven.

Source: Myanmar Business Today

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