New YCDC member demands basic services

A Ks 100 billion budget has been asked for the development of basic infrastructure in four Dagon Myothit townships, according to Htay Aung (Sakura), a newly elected member of the Yangon City Development Committee (YCDC).

The four townships still lack water supplies, electricity, roads and garbage collection. They face flooding during the wet season.

“I have to respond to the needs of people in the Yangon East District who elected me as an YCDC member. Four townships in Dagon Myothit are in urgent need of development,” he said.

The areas could sustain far larger populations if services were provided, he added.

“People flock to townships with better infrastructure and transport. And land prices are likely to go up. I think the YCDC will grant the budget for it,” he continued.

Plans were also underway to develop low-cost housing in the four townships, he said.

The four townships have a total area of 121.92 square miles.

Dagon Myothit’s North Township covering 58.4 square miles and South Township of 63.52 square miles, were established in 1990. A total of 35.15 square miles were taken from the North Township for the East Township while Seikkan Township was established with 32.37 square miles from South Township.


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