MPT disappoints customers with new charges

Myanma Posts and Telecommunications (MPT) is introducing new rates for internet, calls and SMS services on January 12.

The MPT customers will pay Ks 10,000 for subscriptions to use the new programme, called “Swe Thahar”, and they will be charged Ks 25 per call, Ks 15 per SMS and Ks 15 per MB for the internet. In addition, users will be charged Ks 25 per call within a specified time to three assigned phone numbers. Customers who want to use the new services can text “SWE” to 1332.

The new internet charges are much higher than Ooredoo and Telenor. Overseas operators charge Ks 10 per MB.

A customer at the press conference where the rates were announced said: “MPT charged Ks 25 per minute after 11pm every day. Although we don’t have to pay subscription fees for data activation we still have to pay Ks 10,000 for subscription to new services. It should not happen. It will not be different as their data plans are still expensive.”

MPT will replace a SIM for Ks 1,500, compared to Ks 20,000 in most previous cases. SIM replacement will be free in cases where the users did not cause the damage.

However, this service only applies to GSM and WCDMA SIM cards. Other network users such as CDMA 800 MHz and CDMA 450 MHz are not included in the SIM replacement programme.

MPT’s general manager Khin Maung Tun said: “The CDMA SIM cards are not included in the programme as its network needs an upgrade. We are improving the system.”

It will introduce lower denomination top-up cards of Ks 1,000 and Ks 3,000.

MPT also announced new call and internet packages. It will charge Ks 25 per minute if users text “480MIN” to 1332. The package will cost Ks 12,000 but can only be used on MPT phone numbers. MPT will charge Ks 5,000 for a 400mb plan to be used within one month. A one-gigabyte internet plan costs Ks 10,000. Alternatively, Ooredoo and Telenor only charge Ks 6,900 for 1gb plan.

The theoretical maximum speed will be 42mbps depending on location, time, the handset and systems availability. On time-based plans, users would have 256kbps for 3G networks and 128kbps for 2G networks, according to MPT.

Thet Aung from Dagon Township said: “I thought MPT was going to reduce its rates at the press conference. It is clearly not listening to its users. It should reduce rates to equal or beat the overseas operators. It is discouraging.”

MPT hopes its mobile network will cover more than 70 per cent of the country by 2016 and that it will sell more than a million SIM cards every month.


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