Unlicensed hospital suspects still at large

MANDALAY – The Chinese suspects in the case of the unlicensed Royal Rose private hospital are still at large, and the Myanmar Police Force will cooperate with Interpol to arrest them, according to the Mandalay District Police Force.

On January 2, Nan Hla Sein, managing director the owner of the Royal Rose private hospital all six Chinese employees with expired visas were charged with giving medical treatment without a license, distributing pornographic pamphlets and pornographic advertising.

Although the authorities kept the Chinese employees’ passports during investigation, the passports were returned when bail was posted by the Chinese Consulate in Mandalay.

They later fled to China via Tada Oo Airport in Mandalay.

“They’re not being detained, and they’re not being sued. The authorities shouldn’t keep the passports of innocent people. We informed the immigration office that they shouldn’t keep the passports. But we don’t know about their departure,” said an information officer from the Chinese Consulate.

“While investigating them, we kept their passports. Then we returned the passports to them and told them to stay at a hotel,” said Thaung Zaw, Director of the Immigration and Registration Department for Mandalay Region.

“After giving the passports to the Chinese citizens, the authorities instructed officials from Tada Oo Airport, Yangon International Airport and the border gates not to allow them to depart. However, they still reached China from Tada Oo Airport. An investigation team is now questioning the airport officials.

Although they are not present, we will still be taking action against them by placing them on the blacklist,” Thaung Zaw added.

“We submitted reports on the runaway Chinese suspects to the respective authorities. If the [authorities] give us instructions, we will arrest them in cooperation with Interpol. The hospital’s owner is also at large. We don’t have any suspects detained,” said Lt-Col Sein Tun of the Mandalay District Police Force.


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