Yangon-Mandalay highway renovation project receives 20 tender proposals

The project to widen the Yangon-Mandalay expressway from four lanes to eight has received only 20 tender proposals, according to the Ministry of Construction.

Altogether, 160 application forms were released to both local and foreign companies from Japan, South Korea, Singapore and China, but only 20 companies were expressed interest in the project by the deadline in late January.

“We cannot reveal the names of companies that proposed,” said an official.

The project is expected to cost over a billion dollars, which may account for the tepid reaction to the tender.

The 366-mile-and-3-furlong road will be upgraded through a build-operate-transfer system. Tarred concrete pavement, a guard rail and CCTV cameras are included in the project, according to Ministry of Construction.

The squatters and hawkers within the road’s expected area will be displaced in line with standing laws, said highway police.

The US, Japan and South Korea have held talks about providing technical support to Myanmar, according to an announcement by the construction ministry.

The road is currently has 200 feet wide, including a 30-foot traffic island, and it is paved with concrete.

The ministry said it would use world-class technologies to prevent the sort of accidents that have occurred on the road over the last two years due to poor quality.

Source: ELEVEN

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