Days are numbered for Mandalay’s rule-breaking buildings

Two buildings have been demolished in Mandalay for breaking rules and regulations, with more demolitions possible if contractors do not stay within the law, according to Mandalay City Development Committee member U Tun Kyi.

“If developers clearly propose buildings stating specifications including exact height and stay within the rules, we will approve,” he said. “But these two were built with additional storeys outside our permission.”

Mandalay is not alone in targeting illegal construction. Yangon authorities as well have gone after builders not following the rules or beginning work without permits.

A total of 50 buildings in Mandalay have been informed they are at risk of being demolished as they have built outside the rules. Construction on some has only started recently, and most are in the downtown area.

Contractors wishing to build new buildings in Mandalay must submit applications to the Building and Warehouse Department of Mandalay City Development Committee for their approval.

Since last August, the committee has been stressing that contractors must adhere to the rules.

Officials have pointed to Saittara Mahi housing development near Mandalay palace on 26th Street as being forced to change its plans after high-ranking local officials found out it was set to break the rules.

Mandalay City Development Committee can approve buildings up to four storeys. If they are taller, the plans need to be submitted to other levels of authority for approval.

Source: Myanmar Times

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