Myanmar Timber Enterprise to invite open tender for Teak Conversion; Closing Date: April 24th, 2015

Export Marketing & Milling Department Open Tender Sales Notice 24-4-2015

Notice for Open Tender Sales
Myanma Timber Enterprise will sell Teak Conversion  by competitive bidding. Particulars of the Open Tender Sales are as follows:
Open Tender No: OTC-01/2015-16SOTC-01/2015-16(F-8)(Ex-site)
Date: 24-4-2015
Time: (1:00)P.M
Place: Tawwin Hall (Myanma Timber Enterprise) Gyogone, Insein, Yangon
Teak Conversion
Quality  Form-8(Ex-site), 3rd Qlty & UP/YGN.
Quantity About (221) Cubic Tons (3rd Qlty & UP/YGN)(For OTC-01/2015-16)

About (141) Cubic Tons (Form-8/Ex-site)

(For SOTC-01/2015-16(F-8)(Ex-site))

Sales Basis: FOB in USD (For OTC-01/2015-16)Ex-site in USD (For SOTC-01/2015-16(F-8)(Ex-site))
Payment: By TT, PAA L/C
Earnest Money US$ 5,000 (For Oversea Companies)US$ 3,000 (For Myanmar Companies)
For further information please contact the office of General Manager (Export).

Export Committee (MTE)

Source: Myanmar Timber Enterprise

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