Yangon defends Kyaikkasan project

Yangon’s regional government has opposed the proposal submitted by MP Dr Nyo Nyo Thin on April 2 to cancel the business project to develop the famous Kyaikkasan Grounds.

Nyo Nyo Thin urged the regional government to stop the project, as it was not in accord with existing laws and regulations but her proposal was rejected by the Parliament.

“The project was not called to tender under rules and regulations set by Parliament. It is clear that the regional government allowed a group to make business by misleading the people that the sports and physical education institute would be upgraded. Although President Thein Sein talks about ‘clean government, good governance’ so people are amazed that the Ministry of Sports and the Yangon government are against the project,” she said.

“Nowadays most of the public places in Yangon are under development. People believed that the authorities who allowed the projects and the developers will take responsibility for what they have done and clarify whether what they have done is in accord with law,” said the MP.

Section 251 of the Constitution states that a region or state government shall implement projects that have been approved by their parliaments, she said.

Than Myint, Yangon finance minister, said the proposal should not be discussed further. He denied that the regional government could not manage or supervise the project for the grounds. Only the Ministry of Sports could manage the grounds and there had been no letters about the project sent to the regional government, he said. The MP should only submit a proposal after making sure who could manage and supervise the grounds, Than Myint said.

Source: Eleven Myanmar

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