7,000 Fans Attend 4Minute’s 1st-Ever Concert in Yangon, Myanmar

K-pop girl group 4Minute played their first-ever concert in Myanmar on Saturday, performing for a crowd of 7,000 fans in the city of Yangon, all of whom braved 97-degree temperatures to see the group.

4Minute performed their most recent hit single “Crazy,” a hip-hop remix of “Muzik” as well as past hits “Huh” and “What’s Your Name?”

4Minute performed their most recent hit single “Crazy,” a hip-hop remix of “Muzik” as well as past hits “Huh” and “What’s Your Name?”

The performance consisted of 18 songs in all.

Band side project 2Yoon, which consists of members Huh Gayoon and Jeon Jiyoon, also performed at the Yangon show. There were also solo performances from 4Minute’s Nam Jihyun, who performed the song “Single Lady,” and HyunA, who performed her 2014 hit “Red.”

On Thursday, the five members of 4Minute were greeted by 1,000 fans at the airport when they arrived in Myanmar. The concert was 4Minute’s first appearance in the Southeast Asian nation.

Fans in Myanmar took to social media to express their appreciation for the group coming to their country.
“Yesterday’s concert was amazing!” wrote Kloves Dede in a comment posted to the 4Minute-Live in Yangon’s Facebook page on Saturday. “Thanks for coming 4Minute.”

Fan SD Nia also raved about the performance in a Facebook comment posted on Sunday.

“Thanks for giving me a chance to see 4Minute!” she wrote. “Hope you come back for a fan meeting next time.”

The group will return to Korea on Monday.

Source: Kpop Starz

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