Digital future for online pioneer

A marine engineer by training, Ko Aung Kham, 23, has followed his personal interests into blogging and information technology. He is now chief editor and team leader at Yo Yar Lay online news and program manager at Phandeeyar Myanmar Innovation Lab.

He also studied in Singapore to be a Microsoft Certified Technology Specialist and has received many online certificates for networking and information technology.

“I won lots of academic prizes, including at the Myanmar Mercantile Marine College in Yangon, which awarded me a diploma,” he said.

“But after I finished college, there was no opportunity to become a seaman, so I decided to move into information technology.”

Blogging began for Ko Aung Kham as a pasttime, something he had been doing since he was 18.

“I got into digital marketing at the same time. I will open a digital marketing company this year.

Digital marketing will do well, and I’m interested it. But now I’m a program manager at Phandeeyar and I won’t give up that job. I will try and make a success of Phandeeyar, Myanmar Innovation Lab and then start my own digital marketing company.”

Blogging has been something of a boom business for Ko Aung Kham. His first job after leaving college was with Media Lane, a creative agency, where he quickly became familiar with the internet.

He began a blog called International News for Myanmar and posted four or five news items a week, which quickly grew into gigs with large companies.

“After I wrote two blogs, many foreign companies invited me to write blogs for them. I didn’t need a job, so I wrote blogs like,, and others, and also joined with Ideabox Myanmar and Rocket Internet like”

All of Ko Aung Kham’s blogging commitments require him to be productive, but he says his interest in his work sees him through.

“I’m really interested in reading and writing, so I don’t find it hard to write 10 news stories a day. I always read one article a day from Wikipedia, where I learn a lot,” he said. “Young people should read Wikipedia articles. We should use the internet usefully, and not waste time.”

“When I was younger, my first priority was money, but now money is not so important for me. I want to try to develop the IT sector, and digital marketing,” he said. “I want people to change and be active as a result of my articles, my words. I particularly want to encourage people who are depressed.”

Source: Myanmar Times

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