Splash for handset vendors after Thingyan destruction

It was damaged by water while its owner danced during New Years. Initially it looked like it would survive the experience, but now it is totally destroyed.

“I went to a repair shop for my phone,” he said. “But it was expensive to repair, so I decided to just buy a new one instead.”

Ko Phoe Zaw’s experience is not unique among Thingyan revellers. The celebration comes late to handset vendors and repair shops, as the waters of New Years take their toll on mobiles.

Businesspeople say there is a bumper crop of damaged handset during the Thingyan festival, as many fail to properly protect their mobiles.

“Sales of handsets shoot up – they are being sold quickly,” said Ko Zarni, owner of a handset shop in Thingangyun township.

“It’s not only water damage. Some people change their handset because companies give out a bonus for Thingyan. This is a popular month to make a purchase.”

Repair shops also say they face a flood of business every year after Thingyan.
The owner of Htun mobile shop in Mingalar Zay said there is no time for vacation, as 20 to 50 owners drop off handsets every day after Thingyan finishes.

“We are repairing a lot of handsets these days. Our shop sells handsets, accessories and makes repairs. If a handset cannot be repaired, customers buy them brand-new from my shop. That’s why business is good,” he said.

Not only phones fall victim to Thingyan, but accessories as well. The owner of Tar Tar mobile shop said accessories like cases and earphones have been flying off the shelves.

Lower-end phones that are particularly prevalent in rural areas are often not worth repairing and owners choose to simply replace them, he added.

Source: Myanmar Times

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