Auto Policy to be Set Up Within Six Months; Japan to Provide Assistance

A comprehensive automobile policy will be set up within six months with Japanese assistance, said Dr Soe Htun, chairman of Automobile Manufacturers and Distributors Association.

The policy will ensure the public’s convenience and protection, he added.

Dr Soe Htun said the new policy might cause some fluctuation in motor vehicle prices once it comes out but it will help lessen Yangon’s heavy traffic problem.

“We are setting up this policy as there was previously none in Myanmar. There is now no consistency as policies are different across different departments. There is also no limitation for which models can be imported, although this regulation exists in many countries.

“The new policy would help improve the quality and safety of imported cars, and it should be followed by everyone in the private and government sectors.”

Sources say that the policy would address a wide range of issues including sidewalks, motor vehicle import regulations, permits to import vehicles with left-hand drive or right-hand drive, safety concerns, along with other regulations included in the policies of other countries.

Dr Soe Htun said that after the establishment of the policy, there would be benefits such as the presence of safer, higher quality cars and new job opportunities. In addition, government departments have to follow this policy along with the citizens.

The chairman also claimed that there would be collaborations among the Ministry of Industry, Myanmar Board of Engineering, his association, the Ministry of Commerce and other relevant government departments.

“The collaboration is essential to be able to set up a uniform policy. A draft policy was set up two years ago but was not completed. This time we have improved it.”

Source: Myanmar Business Today

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