Yangon police step up campaign against noisy power exhausts

Noisy drivers beware: The police will take you off the road if you rig your car to make excess racket. Police Lieutenant Colonel Lin Htut of No 2 Yangon Traffic Police says drivers who installed noisy power exhausts now face arrest and a six-month driving ban.

The confiscation of vehicles fitted with power exhausts began at the end of last year, as Yangon regional and traffic police seized 90 offending vehicles and suspended the drivers’ licences for a month. They were forced to sign a pledge not to repeat the offence, and faced the loss of their licence for six months if they reoffended.

But Col Lin Htut said the campaign had failed to curb the problem and punishments would be stepped up.
“Mindless and undisciplined driving continues,” he said. “Because it hasn’t stopped, we will start arresting any driver whose vehicle annoys the public.”

As of May 4, the department had seized 925 cars fitted with illegal noisy exhausts and 67 motorbikes.
“We’ll keep arresting people and taking them off the road until they get the message,” he said.

Source: Myanmar Times

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