Labourers to be Housed at Hlaingtharyar

A housing complex for labourers is set to be established in Hlaingtharyar in Yangon.

U Myat Thin Aung, president of Hlaingthartar Industrial Zone, said that this housing complex is being established by the owners.

The authorisation has been granted from the Department of Human Settlement and Housing Development for land rental under a five year contract, which can be extended twelve times.

“This development could reduce the transportation costs and solve the accommodation problem for workers. But we will not allow the outsiders to stay and only labourers working at the industrial zone can stay in the housing complex,” U Myat Thin Aung said.

A highly subsidised land rental fee of K37.4 million was arranged for the five year contract. The complex will consist of eight five-storey buildings, with 480 rooms. The 2-acre area is located near Shwelinpann Industrial Zone.

In addition, the zone committee had requested for additional land rental for the implementation of more housing complexes for workers after their meeting with parliament speaker Thura U Shwe Mann.

U Myat Thin Aung said, “The housing complex can be developed by the owners for their workers. Then through an instalment plan the labourers can pay a monthly sum and later have ownership in the houses.”

Hlaingtharyar contains a total of 13 industrial zones and over a thousand factories with about 150,000 workers.

U Myint Swe, chief minister of Yangon regional government, said that plans are being made to establish another 26 such building complexes with 60 rooms per building.

Source: Myanmar Business Today

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