Trash privatisation opposed

Yangon City Development Committee (YCDC)’s plan to privatise the waste collection operations has faced opposition.

Opponents were worried that the privatisation may lead to layoffs of waste collectors as well as the increasing collection fees.

Nyo Nyo Thin, a member of the Yangon parliament representing Bahan Constituency No.2, recently asked the city to continue collecting garbage.

She said that Khin Hlaing, an elected member of the YCDC, also objected to the proposal.

“I want to know what the regional government and YCDC will do next,” Nyo Nyo Thin said.

“In handing over garbage collection to the private sector, fees will increase and it may create problems for civil servants and the working classes. Many people won’t be able to afford the fees,” the MP said.

She admitted that YCDC garbage trucks are not punctual and that private companies will do better in this regard.

“But people will not accept the higher fees if the service is not better,” she said.

A resident in Kamayut Township that he was recently briefed on the plan to privatise the service in his township.

“They came to seek our approval. It was not mentioned what the company would do but they said we would be charged Ks1,600 a month for the service. I don’t agree,” he said.

YCDC earlier awards the collection contracts to two companies: Zeya and Associates to run the service in Yangon’s east and south while Australia-based TYTC Waste Equipment to cover the west and north.

The fees for central Yangon would rise from Ks600 or approximately US$0.6 to Ks1,600 ($1.6) per month, fees in townships adjacent to the centre would go from Ks450 to Ks1,400 and fees in the outskirts would rise from Ks300 to Ks1,200.

Public approval will be sought until June 30 with the YCDC saying it would not privatise the service if the people did not agree to the plan.

Source: Eleven Myanmar

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