YCDC to penalise negligent construction companies

Yangon City Development Committee will take severe action against construction companies and contractors if there are complaints from neighbors about the damage to nearby houses and buildings, according to the building department under YCDC.

There have been many complaints recently from homeowners about nearby construction sites that have caused damage to their buildings and houses, and charges have been brought against construction companies and contractors.

“Stern actions like the closure of work sites will be taken against them if there are such cases. We have received a number ofcomplaints about such cases. Even some cases go to the courts as both sides could not settle their cases together,” said an official from the YCDC building department.

While YCDC plans to institute a pledge by construction companies and contractors to avoid damaging surrounding structures before the construction of new buildings, this has not been put into effect yet and does not affect ongoing projects.

Locals in Yangon said some construction sites, especially contract building projects, have no safety measures. They have demanded that authorities supervise these projects and take action against negligence.

A resident of Thingangyun Township said: “A contact project is being built near my house. There is no safety cover. There may be damage to nearby houses if bricks and cement from the project fall. If so, who will take responsibility for that? And who will deal with this problem?”

In 2015, the YCDC’s building department has given approved more than 600 low-rise and high-rise buildings per month.

Source: Eleven Myanmar

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