Height safety kit distributor crosses borders

High Solution Network, the importer and distributor of height-safety equipment from Italy under the Camp brand, plans to boost its business within Asean by expanding into Myanmar, Laos and Cambodia.

The strategy is expected to help quadruple the company’s revenue from Bt55 million this year to Bt220 million in 2019, owner and managing director Sirichoke Horsombut said during an interview with The Nation.

To achieve its business goal, the company took part in an exhibition in Myanmar early this year and also plans to join other fairs about safety systems in the emerging market during the second half.

Meanwhile, the company is promoting Camp products in Laos and Cambodia by signing agreements to set up local distributors for the range in those markets.

Myanmar, Laos and Cambodia all have a great number of new high-rise buildings, as a result of which they need height-safety equipment for those working in the construction process, and also for those involved in repairing and cleaning high-rises.

This presents a good business opportunity for High Solution Network to expand its market in the three countries, he said.

The company is now the exclusive importer and distributor of Camp for Thailand and CLMV countries (Cambodia, Laos, Myanmar and Vietnam), after having built up its sales of the products in the Kingdom to around Bt20 million a year, or 36 per cent of its overall annual revenue of Bt55 million.

High Solution Network’s other income is from the distribution of imported equipment for the absorption of oil and chemicals, eyewash equipment and chemicals, and personal protective equipment (PPE) safety-solution products.

The potential for selling height-safety equipment is seen as strong because of demand for such products from several customer categories, including people who work on high buildings in the construction and cleaning trades, tourists who love climbing, and workers in manufacturing plants, Sirichoke explained.

“Demand for height-safety equipment has risen by more than 10 per cent a year in Thailand, and has doubled in Myanmar, Laos and Cambodia. As a result, we believe our sales of the equipment will double when we expand our business overseas this year,” he said.

He added that the company was also expanding its distribution channels in the domestic market by introducing the Camp range at exhibitions about safety, and at tourism events.

It has also set up a training course about height safety, and how to use Camp products.

“We have been granted a training licence by the Industrial Rope Access Trade Association, which is a strong point in this business,” said the owner and MD.

Sirichoke, 53, established High Solution Network in 1995 with registered capital of Bt2 million, after gaining experience working for a company selling respirators and gloves to manufacturing plants.

“I then saw an opportunity to go into business for myself, and decided to start up by using my savings of Bt50,000 to operate our first business,” he said.

High Solution Network initially imported and distributed equipment to absorb oil and chemicals, but this was expanded over the years to include eye-wash equipment and chemicals, PPE safety-solution products – and now height-safety equipment.

Sirichoke said the key to success in his business was clearly identifying what the market wants by way of a safety system, finding the right products to meet this demand, and also providing training and after-sales service to customers.

Getting these elements right is the way to sustain the business for the long term, he added.

Source: The Nation

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