Electric Trains to Come in November

A Pilot survey is being carried out along Strand road between Htawligway in Ahlone township to Linsadaung in Botahtaung township. The building of necessary infrastructure is set to start this month, the official said.

“We have undertaken this project to make public transportation more convenient for the people. We selected Strand road for the pilot run because this road has heavy traffic. If the project succeeds and if people think that it is useful we will expand it between other stations,” the official, who asked not to be named because he wasn’t authorised to speak to the media, told Myanmar Business Today.

He said Japan is going to provide the required technology, while local technicians will be trained to handle the operations.

Three electric trains have been ordered from Japan and the train cars are set to arrive in August. Two of these trains will be run and the third will be kept as a spare.

In the future, the project may get extended from Htawligway to Kyimyindaing and from Linsadaung to Pazundaung stations. If the project is successful, the electric train may as well be used on Yangon’s famous circular track.

The official, however, quashed concerns about the power supply that is required to run an electric train, while Yangon grapples with relentless power cuts.

“People should not be too concerned regarding the power usage of electric trains. The amount of [power] required is equivalent to the power needed for a small ward. We are in discussions with the Ministry of Electricity to ensure the power supply.”

Source: Myanmar Business Today

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