Telenor to Spend $75m to Expand 3G Network

Telenor Myanmar will spend $75 million to acquire greater data bandwidth for its internet services from government-run data connections.

“Some regions have had difficulty with their internet connections, requiring us to improve and expand our 3G network,” said Petter Furberg, Telenor Myanmar CEO.

“When people use a lot of data, customers are switching to other data providers. … I welcome our competition, and have bought greater bandwidth from the government to boost our connection speed.”

Since Telenor Myanmar received a licence from the government, it has paid a data fee to the government. The Norwegian firm is now paying 60 percent more to the government, and have expanded to 2.1GHz connections, for a total cost of $75 million.

“Our service has improved, but it is not yet good enough. There is competition between users who want to make better use of the internet,” said Furberg.

Telenor Myanmar has invested $501 million in the country. This year, it plan to have three to four thousand towers completed across the country. To provide data connections throughout the country, the telecoms firm will need about 8,500 towers in total.

Source: Myanmar Business Today

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