Authorities Push for Taxi Dashcams

Regulators are considering the installation of CCTV surveillance cameras on taxi cabs as the frequency of criminal incidents on cabs has increased, according to the vehicle supervisory committee Ma Hta Tha.

Ma Hta Tha is currently in discussions with private companies to implement the initiative which can be used in case of traffic accidents or when the drivers are in danger.

“We are proposing this for the safety and convenience of drivers. But they are unwilling to spend money on cameras. When they are in danger there’s nothing they can do and there’s no evidence left. That’s why we are discussing a deal with companies and we’ll be able to provide security cameras through instalment plans if we can strike a deal,” said U Hla Myint Thaung, deputy chairman of Ma Hta Tha.

Relevant departments have jointly implemented a program that allows vehicles to install CCTV systems through phased payments to improve the safety of the public but there has been little compliance from the public so far.

Ma Hta Tha has also arranged with private companies to install black boxes through instalment plans to protect drivers from criminals. However, the plan proved to be unpopular among cab drivers as only around 2,000 taxis installed black boxes in over two years since that plan was launched.

Mugging cases and traffic accidents involving cabs have increased recently, so it is necessary to install CCTV cameras and black boxes on vehicles that will store the records in cases of emergencies, according to the committee

Source: Myanmar Business Today

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