Taxi Call Centre Eyes September Start

Taxi Call Centre, a private cab hailing service, will begin operations in early September, the company said.

Under the service, people will be able to call taxis to set stations, said Dr Zi Wa, managing director of Tax Call Centre (TCC).

TCC will start with 500 taxis, and will later expand to collaborate with other taxi companies to tap into a fleet of another 200 more taxis.

“To join the Myanmar Taxi Call Centre service, customers have to buy a member book for K3,000. If they become a member, they will join TCC. Currently, taxi centres can’t offer their services to the general public. Buying the member book will provide them will also with travel insurance for their security,” said Dr Zi Wa.

The company plans to set up the call centre township by township. In the first phase TCC will set up 30 call centres around Yangon, said Dr Zi Wa.

“The call centres can reduce traffic around Yangon, because the taxis will not have to roam the streets to get customers. The prices are not too different from taxis hailed from the street. They can install a meter on their taxi if they wish, but the price must be fair. The passenger must sign in the taxi book also,” Sai U Wa Tha Tun, project director of TCC.

“The taxis have to install a GPS system, CCTV and an audio-recording black box to join TCC. Interested operators are also welcome to join. The car owners will get insurance for their cars, and the centre will provide basic accessories like engine oil, brake fluid, tyres and batteries. We will provide the drivers with a salary of at least K250,000 per month, while giving them one week off if they work for three,” he said.

Source: Myanmar Business Today

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