MAMDA Eyes to Organise Standalone Auto Traders

The Myanmar Automobile Manufacturers and Distributors Association (MAMDA) has opened a regional sub association for Yangon region in a bid to develop a more organised auto trading sector with the participation of the public.

Although many people in Myanmar engage in auto dealing as middlemen, only a few are fully informed about the fast changing regulations related to automobiles.

The move to establish a sub-group aims at informing these standalone agents about rules and regulations and expanding their networks.

“It’s true that many people are involved in the auto trading markets but so few people have knowledge of important regulations. We find it really hard to invite those in the auto trade scene to work in an association. If people work on their own without cooperating, they will be significantly affected if some major changes occur. That’s why we keep urging them to join hands in an association,” said U Zaw Myint, head of Yangon region sub-association of MAMDA.

The practice of collaborating with others in a network or association is quite low in the the local auto industry and this is blocking the emergence of big conglomerates and slowing development, industry insiders say.

To bring together auto dealers and agents from other towns and cities other than Yangon, MAMDA sub associations will be established in major towns and cities across the country.

MAMDA, established in June 2013, now has sub groups in Mandalay, Yangon and Monywa and is planning to expand to Taungyi soon.

Source: Myanmar Business Today

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