SCG’s new roadway signage initiative for Mawlamyine, Myanmar

Siam Cement Group (SCG) has launched a new roadway initiative, installing safety and directional signage on the streets of Mawlamyine in Mon State, Myanmar.

With traffic and motor accidents on the rise, SCG collaborated with the Mawlamyine City Development Committee (MCDC) and the Traffic Police Department to create a vast network of accessible and current signs that will ease traffic for Mawlamyine citizens and its visitors. This project is part of its commitment to expanding contribution to all communities where it operates, underpinning the company’s goal to enhance the livelihoods of Asean people.

During the past four months, SCG has erected over 500 traffic signs across the city of Mawlamyine. The dual language directional signage allows for smoother traffic flow and easier navigation. Safety signage has also been erected to educate motorists on important and potentially life-saving rules such as wearing a seatbelt and refraining from using a mobile phone while driving. As Mawlamyine continues to grow as a tourist destination, village welcome signs and large community maps that have been erected create a warm and visitor friendly city.

“The directional signage allows for smoother traffic flow and easier navigation, ultimately resulting in a decline of traffic related incidents. The safety signs serve another, if not more important service – they provide information about potentially life-saving rules, such as seatbelt usage. I hope this project will serve as a model for motorist education.” said Toe Toe Aung of the Ministry of Development Affairs.

Sorasak Keeratichokichaikul, government & public affairs manager of SCG in Myanmar, said that together with local organisations, safety amongst motorists, cyclists and pedestrians was promoted through education.

“Since the signage has been installed, city officials have reported a decrease in motor accidents. Additionally, we are very pleased with how well-received the initiative is by the community,” he added.

In addition to the roadway signage, SCG has built three small traffic police stations at busy intersections in Mawlamyine near Thanlwin Bridge, Maung Ngan Traffic Light and B.E.H.S (7), Mawlamyine, using SCG premium quality products. As construction of SCG’s greenfield cement plant is underway in Mawlamyine, the team is committed to being a responsible member of the community. In the future, SCG will continue to explore opportunities to provide solutions to local needs.

The roadway signage initiative is part of a series of CSR activities implemented by SCG to improve the livelihoods of people in Myanmar. Entering into its fourth year, SCG Sharing the Dream grants scholarships to students in Mawlamyine and Yangon, covering a year’s worth of school fees and supplies. Earlier this year, SCG distributed earthquake safety and preparedness learning materials to primary schools in the two cities, teaching youth how to respond in the event of a natural disaster.

Source: The Nation

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