MOGE Cracks Down on Fake Fuel Ration Books as CNG Shortage Continues

Myanma Oil and Gas enterprise (MOGE) has announced that it will soon start computer verification of CNG Permit booklets due to a surge in usage of fake fuel ration books.

MOGE has sole control over distributorship of CNG (compressed natural gas) in the country and vehicle owners need to obtain a booklet from MOGE that keeps tab on vehicles’ CNG usage.

However, reports have emerged that vehicle owners are not applying for legal CNG permit books, but are using fake booklets to buy CNG at MOGE’s CNG outlets daily.

MOGE said greater measures need to be taken to prevent such crimes.

General Manager of MOGE U Hla Win Htay said, “People are very strange. We are issuing real CNG Retail Booklets but drivers will not come to our office to apply for one. Instead they choose to use fake booklets. However, I admit we were also lax in checking these fake booklets.”

“Soon we will be using our computer database to check before selling CNG to buyers,” he added.

Previously these booklets were checked once a month, but now they will be checked daily, MOGE said.

Computers are now being installed at all CNG stations and staff will check not only the booklets but also the gas cylinders. Some are not only buying CNG with fake booklets but also bringing in extra gas cylinders to fill up, U Hla Win Htay said.

Vehicles buying CNG with fake booklets will have all CNG related equipment seized and the vehicle owner will be prosecuted, MOGE said.

Five users of fake CNG booklets have been prosecuted this year while only two were prosecuted last year for such fraudulent usage of CNG booklets. Passenger buses formed the majority of violators.

There are 41 CNG retail outlets in Yangon selling around 20 million cubic feet of gas daily

Source: Myanmar Business Today

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