Myanma Petrochemical Enterprise invites for JV Project of LPG Importation, Storage, Distribution and Marketing in Thanlyin Refinery Area; Closing Date: November 5, 2015

The Republic of the Union of Myanmar
Ministry of Energy
Invitation to Tender
Joint Venture Project of LPG
Importation, Storage, Distribution and Marketing
by using Existing Facilities of LPG
Terminal in Thanlyin Refinery Area
Tender No. (1-MLTJVP/ 2015-2016)

1. The Myanma Petrochemical Enterprise (MPE), a State-owned Enterprise of the Republic of the Union of Myanmar, operating under the Ministry of Energy, announces an Invitation to Tender for Joint Venture Project of LPG Importation, Storage, Distribution and Marketing by using Existing Facilities of LPG Terminal in Thanlyin Refinery Area. The purpose of the Joint Venture is to fulfill the domestic LPG demand growth with stable supply.

2. A ll interested parties, Myanmar citizen companies or foreign companies, are cordially invited to lodge a submission in accordance with the tender documents. If the Myanmar citizen company has in relation with foreign company which has worldwide experience in LPG business, it will be preferred. In the tender document, the following facts are included:
a) R efurbishment and upgrading plan for LPG terminal facilities such as storage tanks, control system, safety system, firefighting system, jetty and etc.
b) E xpansion of LPG filling facilities and LPG storage tanks under requirement of local demand
c) Proposed land lease rate for existing area of LPG Terminal
d) Proposed MPE’s assets value for existing LPG Terminal facilities
e) Proposed capital contribution
f) Business and financing plan
g) E conomic model and cash flow
h) Human Resources Development plan and Corporate Social Responsibility program

3. The Tender Documents with further details related to the LPG Terminal can be purchased by any interested parties commencing 30 September 2015 upon submission of receipt of payment for 1,500,000 Kyats (One Million and Five Hundred Thousand Kyats).

4. Applicants shall submit the proposal in person no later than 5 November 2015 at 12:00 noon to and for more information, contact the following address;
Managing Director
Myanma Petrochemical Enterprise
Ministry of Energy
Building No. 44, Nay Pyi Taw, Myanmar
Fax: +95 67 411124, +95 67 411126

5. If the applicant is a foreign company or Myanmar citizen company joining with foreign company, recommendation of the Respective Embassy of the Republic of the Union of Myanmar at the place of company’s registration or establishment or nearest shall be submitted along with tender proposal or within one week after submission of tender proposal. If you want Consult-Myanmar to collect the tender form for you please fillup your details here (charges apply).

6. Late inquiries or inquiries via telephone will not be answered.

Source: Ministry of Energy

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