YCDC’s list of buildings without permits drops in August

Yangon City Development Committee has counted 2223 buildings without proper permits by the end of August.

It had earlier dropped its citations of many improperly built buildings, but is still finding projects that are not made according to its standard, said U Than Htay, head of YCDC’s Department of Engineering (Building).

“If we find buildings without permits, we ask the contractors to rebuild them in compliance with regulations, such as by demolishing an extra storey or an annex,” he said.

“We have been giving out more building permits than ever.”

At the start of August there were 2324 buildings identified by YCDC as being without permit. Of these, 143 had charges dropped, while another 42 transgressors were added to the list, leaving a total of 2223 buildings identified as without or not abiding by their permits on August 31.

Daw Tin Tin Kyi, deputy department head, said that the number of illegal buildings has been gradually declining as YCDC increasingly takes legal action. YCDC has made a point of targeting illegal contractors or those operating without the appropriate permits since early 2014.

The committee has also pledged to speed up the application process, which has been a source of complaints among developers. Its figures show it permitted 3152 total buildings from January 1 until the end of July.

Developers are required to make down payments of K5 million (US$3900) for building permits for structures that are between six and eight-and-a-half storeys tall, and also down payments of K3 million for below six storeys.

“Some buildings were put up before receiving in permits, but in reality the builders often don’t have a contractor licence or the licence has expired,” said U Yan Aung, general manager of Asia Construction.

Contractors predicted they could settle the costs of permits through pre-sales, but with sales slowing they can’t make the payments, so some constructions projects are suspended and no closer to being allowed, he said.

Source: Myanmar Times

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