JFE Engineering to Build First Waste to Energy Plant Myanmar

Tokyo based waste to energy technology manufacturer JFE Engineering Corporation has received an order to supply the first waste incineration power plant in Myanmar’s (Burma) Yangon City using the bilateral Joint Crediting Mechanism (JCM) between Myanmar and Japan.

The company explained that the JCM is a bilateral scheme that enables Japan to achieve its emission reduction target through reductions of greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions in developing nations that are realised through dissemination of Japanese low-carbon technologies, products, and services to those nations.

JFE added that this is the first waste to energy project to which the JCM has been applied. It will also be the first JCM project in Myanmar. JFE will develop the plant under a Engineering Procurement and Construction contract.

At present, Yangon City is said to generate approximately 1600 tonnes per day of waste, which is currently buried in landfill.

The planned waste to energy plant will have a capacity of 60 tonnes per day, and will generate approximately 700 kW of electrical power. According to JFE, in addition to supplementing Myanmar’s current inadequate supply of electric power, the plant will also reduce CO2 emissions by about 2400 t-CO2/year.

JFE Engineering said that it received commissions from Japan’s Ministry of the Environment for the “Incubation and Overseas Promotion of Waste Management and Recycling Industry” project in Yangon in 2012-2013 and “Feasibility Study for Realization of JCM” in 2014, under which it carried out a survey for optimisation of waste treatment and studied the optimal treatment methods. The company said that this order reflects the evaluation of those efforts.

Improving infrastructure has become a pressing issue for Myanmar, which has just concluded a groundbreaking election process. JFE said that as part of that effort it is supplying a wide range of products and technologies, such as bridges, waterworks and wastewater treatment plants in Myanmar, beginning with this project, thereby contributing to the economic development of that country.

The waste to energy project is expected to be operational in 2017.

Source: WMW

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