Imported cars a year older than permitted model to confiscate

Imported cars that are one year older than the permitted model year in 2017 will be confiscated, said an official from the Customs Department.

Earlier this year, cars that are a year older than import permit were shipped into Myanmar. The Customs Department allowed the car importers to take their cars after paying fines. After this, the import volume of those types of cars was found to be increasing.

As a result, the Customs department will no longer permit importers to withdraw the cars, and will instead confiscate them starting in 2017, it is learnt.

According to current rules, only imported cars that are two or more years older than permitted cars are being confiscated. Cars only one year older are liable to only fines. This exception was being exploited and was the probable cause of the large number of cars imported this year that were only one year older than permitted.

The action will be effective from January, 2017. The aforementioned department will scrutinise imported cars on the basis of a vehicle identification number (also called a chassis number) to check the manufacturing date of the vehicle. If the imported vehicles cannot be identified using this unique code, the cars will be claimed by the Road Transportation Administration Department.

Source: The Global New Light of Myanmar

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