Yangon Buses Fares to be Adjusted According to Length of Trip

Bus fares for all except air-conditioned vehicles will be adjusted more appropriately to the journey taken from this week, according to the Yangon Region Transport Authority (YRTA)

Joint Secretary Than Win stated that short trips will cost as low as Ks100 while fares for certain bus lines will cost up to Ks1000.

Than Win explained: “Stickers indicating precise fares are being put up right now and once they’re done, we will begin. Some journeys will, from the start terminal to the end, cost Ks300. The air-conditioned buses will remain at Ks200. There will be cases where bus attendants will fail to collect the fares, so the passengers will hopefully pay up according to those changes. It will also differ from company to company.”

The recent decision to adjust the fares, similar to a move by the previous incarnation of the YRTA, spells trouble mostly to passengers who regularly travel end to end of the route, as certain journeys will cost them nearly double or triple the current rates.


Source: Eleven Myanmar

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