Semeikhon Port, Mandalay to be the Integrated Logistic Hub in upper Myanmar

Our client has established a river port in the upper reaches of the Ayeyarwady River that will open up logistics and distribution to upper Myanmar. Our client is looking for logistic service providers that is willing to work with them to grow the logistics and distribution business in upper Myanmar.

With 381 acres of land, strategically located at the centre of Myanmar, South West of Mandalay will be the modern integrated logistics centre of upper Myanmar.  With the support from Mandalay Region Government, Semeikhon Port or SMP ( ) aims to be Mandalay main port, which is to take over the current Mandalay old port as the main logistic hub in the region. The port is a multi-purpose port and able to operate whole year round in every season.

Under phase 1 development, SMP has been equipped with a modern crane which is able to lift up to 50 ton cargo. The crane is able to handle containerized cargo, general cargo and bulk cargo as well. As the multi-purpose port operator in upper Myanmar, SMP also provides trucking services from the port to Mandalay region, giving customer convenience to deliver cargo to their factories.

Besides, additional service such as cargo storage is also available in the port. The 10,000 sqm concrete yard under the phase 1 development is ready for cargo storage.  For cargo handling at storage yard, a 50 ton rail-mounted gantry crane, RMG is provided to handle the cargo offload and mounting at the storage yard. The container storage yard capacity can store up to 1000 TEU of containers.

Other than providing services to factories in Mandalay region, SMP also provides services to the factories at Myotha Industrial Park. In January, 1681 tons of timber log have been unloaded by SMP. The general cargo throughput is expected to increase as more material and machinery are imported to Mandalay in line with the fast development momentum of the country.

Apart from this, SMP also provides cleaning and repair service for container. This enables shipping lines to transit containerized cargo via SMP without any worry. There are a couple of shipping lines and logistic companies that have visited SMP and are interested in transiting their cargo from Yangon to Mandalay via Semeikhon Port.

Furthermore, with the huge land space for warehouse and factory expansion, cargo owners are showing interest to set up their factories at Semeikhon Port. The low overhead cost is another factor to attract foreign companies to set up their plants near the port. More and more companies from overseas including Japan, China, and South East Asia have visited SMP and negotiations for cooperation are ongoing.

With the port management expertise from local and overseas, SMP is on track towards becoming an integrated multi-purpose port in upper Myanmar. In the near future, SMP will be working on computerization of the cargo operation procedure and implementation of advanced Terminal Operating System at the port.

For further enquiry for SMP, please contact:

(+95) 9962842663 (English Speaking)

(+95) 9798866958 (Myanmese and Chinese Speaking)

Email: /

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Source: Mandalay Myotha Industrial Development

50 ton multi-purpose pontoon crane ready for operation

50 ton multi-purpose pontoon crane ready for operation

SMP port handling general cargo discharging.

50 ton dual function RMG to handle cargo storage in SMP

50 ton dual function RMG to handle cargo storage in SMP

5m3 Bulk cargo grapple ready to handle bulk cargo such as coal, bean, iron ore and gravel.

5m3 Bulk cargo grapple ready to handle bulk cargo such as coal, bean, iron ore and gravel.

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