Mango Growers Call for More Education on Quality Control in a Bid to Crack International Markets

As potential foreign mango buyers de­scend on Myan­mar to check out the local produce amid a seasonal surge in demand, local growers say more educa­tion on quality control is needed if Myanmar man­goes are to gain a foothold in international markets like Europe.

“Foreign delegations are coming to Myanmar to test the quality of My­anmar mangos. We are in talks with them but we can’t disclose the name of the delegation right now,” said Daw Than Swe, Chairwomen of the Myan­mar Mango Cluster.

Despite strong interest from potential foreign buyers, demand could be higher if the produce was up to the international quality standards set by Europe and elsewhere, she said.

“If the mangos meetinternational standards, there would be higher demand for quality My­anmar mangos from Eu­rope, Russia and Japan,” said Daw Than Swe.

To be eligible for ex­port to foreign countries, locally grown mangoes must be insect-free, and meet certain guidelines over sugar levels, weight and size.

“It takes two to three days to export mangoes to China and 40 days to ex­port our mangoes to Eu­rope,” said U Khum Tun Win, a mango grower in southern Shan State.

“More educative infor­mation about packing and storage techniques is needed for growers and exporters,” he said.

Myanmar grows 200 sorts of mango, among them Myakyauk, Sein Ta Lone, Ma Chit Su and Shwe Hin Tha, reap the highest price per tonne. The average price for a tonne of mangoes is be­tween $600 to $1200 based on the fruit’s qual­ity, size and type.

In the 2013-14 fiscal year, Myanmar earned $24 million from the ex­port of 45,000 tonnes of mangoes, mostly to Chi­na, while 27,340 tonnes of mangoes were export­ed in the 2015-2016 fis­cal year, according to sta­tistics of the Ministry of Commerce.

Source: Myanmar Business Today

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