Myanmar Imports Thai Shrimp as Local Breeders Struggle to Meet Demand

Shrimp and prawn is being imported from Thailand as production from local shrimp breeders struggles to keep pace with domes­tic demand, U Kyaw Tun Myint, Chairman of the Myanmar Shrimp Asso­ciation, said.

“Local supply can’t meet the local consumption rate. Myanmar is losing its market share because of unsuccessful shrimp breeding businesses,” U Kyaw Tun Myint, said.

To make improve the output of shrimp breed­ers, it is essential to have access to healthy shrimp larvae and also modern breeding techniques, he added.

The association will work together with the Ministry of Agriculture, Livestock, and Irrigation to search for successful lo­cal shrimp breeding busi­nesses, import healthy larvae and then distrib­uted it to those breeders, he explained.

“We warmly welcome the idea to revival the in­dustry. If I can say openly, we don’t have budget al­located for breeding re­search work,” U Tun Win Myint, Regional Official of the Department of Fisher­ies, said.

Earlier this year, indus­try experts suggested that the country’s shrimp and prawn industry could be worth $1 billion annually by 2022 if it adopted a dis­ease resistant strain of the crustacean from Hawaii.

Marine Genetic LLC, a marine laboratory based in the United States, is planning to trial breed specific-pathogen-free (SPF) prawns in Myan­mar with the aim of dis­tributing to the local mar­ket. Marine Genetic LLC has set up the Best Burma company to launch the trial breeding of five mil­lion SPF prawns in Rakh­ine State and Ayeyarwad­dy Region.

Myanmar’s shrimp exports reached $400 million in 2016, while regional neighbours Thai­land and Vietnam earned a combined total of $6 billion from exports in the same year.

Source: Myanmar Business Today

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