MOGE: Invitation for open tender. ( 6/ 2018 ), Closing Date: 23 April 2018.

1. Open tenders are invited for supply of the following respective items in Myanmar Kyats and United States Dollars.

Sr.No Tender No Description Remark
(1) DMP/L-001(18-19) Spares for Garbarino Pump (6) Items Ks
(2) DMP/L-002(18-19) Rig A Lite Lighting Fixture Complete Set (50) Sets Ks
(3) DMP/L-003(18-19) Spares for 30 Ton Kato Rough Terrain Crane (71) Items Ks
(4) DMP/L-004(18-19) Spares for SK 50P-6 Kobelco Excavator (69) Items Ks
(5) DMP/L-005(18-19) Spares for MI-2 Tracked Dozer (56) Items Ks
(6) DMP/L-006(18-19)) Spares for Volvo Tractor (45) Items Ks
(7) DMP/L-007(18-19) Spares for MWM D226-4 Lighting Set Engine Ex MTBN-5 River Craft (27) Items Ks
(8) DMP/L-008(18-19) 2 7/8” & 2 3/8” EUE Tubing (3) Items Ks
(9) DMP/L-009(18-19) Water Transfer Pump with Engine (300 GPM x 150 FT HD) 48 HP (10) Sets Ks
(10) DMP/L-010(18-19) Water Transfer Pump with Motor (100 GPM x 150 FT HD) 11 KW (4) Sets Ks
(11) DMP/L-011(18-19) Crude Transfer Pump with Motor (100 GPM x 150 FT HD) 11 KW (1) Set Ks
(12) DMP/L-012(18-19) Air Compressor (Reciprocating) with (15-18 HP) Diesel Engine (2) Sets Ks
(13) DMP/L-013(18-19) Portable Fire Pump with Engine and Accessories (16) Sets Ks
(14) DMP/L-014(18-19) 50 KG Fire Extinguisher (ABCE), Wheel Type (25) Nos Ks
(15) DMP/L-015(18-19) Gas Cutting Tourch Assembly (6) Sets Ks
(16) DMP/L-016(18-19) Electrical Materials & Accessories (3) Groups Ks
(17) DMP/L-017(18-19) Storage Server (1) Lot Ks
(18) DMP/L-018(18-19) HP A0 Scanner, Printer, Copy & Copier (A3) (2) Items Ks
(19) IFB/001(18-19) Interpretation Workstation & Data Processing Center (1) Lot US$

2. The Open Tender forms including Description of Materials / Qtty with details specifications and Tender Terms & Conditions can be available free download at the Ministry of Electricty and Energy Website Portal ( as from 28 March 2018. Tender forms will not be sold.

If your company has Request for Quotation (RFQ) or Tender Announcement that you want us to publish for FREE in the Tenders & Awards section of our website please submit to us at tender (at) for our consideration.

3. The interested Bidders should submit the Technical Specifications with Original Bid Bond and Commercial Quotation in each separate sealed envelopes on which to be addressed to the Managing Director, Myanma Oil and Gas Enterprise and should reach in Tender Box of the Myanma Oil and Gas Enterprise not later than 16:30 pm on 23 April 2018.

4. Tender Closing Date & Time- 23-4-2018, 16:30 pm

Myanma Oil and Gas Enterprise
Ph . +95 67 – 411206
+95 67 411212

Source: Myanma Oil and Gas Enterprise

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