Ministry of Natural Resources and Environmental Conservation, Central Committee for Holding Myanma Gems Emporium , The Information on Fifty-Fifth Myanma Gems Emporium 2018.

1. The significant Fifty-Fifth Myanma Gems Emporium will be held on June 20 to 29 , 2018 at Maniradana Jade Hall in Nay Pyi Taw .

2. Rough jade, rough gems, cut and polished gemstones, jewelries, jade carvings , gold and silver wares and gemstone pictures will be sold in Euro currency at the Emporium.

3. Gems lots and jade lots will be put up for sale through open tender system and specifying reserve prices as follows;

Sr. Kind of Gem Reserve Price (Euro) for Open Tender
(a) Pearl 500 and above
(b) Gems 500 and above
(c) Jade 4,000 and above
(d) Finished product and Jade Carving 1,000 and above

4. Foreign visitors eligible for the following qualifications will be granted admission to the Fifty-Fifth Emporium 2018, excluding those blacklisted for their default on payment in the previous emporiums;

(a) The person who was invited by the Emporium Central Committee with invitation card.

(b) The person who requested the invitation card via the Foreign Jade Associations.

(c) The person who requested to receive the invitation card through the respective Embassies and Consulate – General.

(d) Foreign visitors are permissible to make bids for the lots up to the value of the 10-fold of the minimum deposit paid by the types of gemstones. The minimum amount of deposit to be paid and the amount permitted to bid are as follows;

Sr. Kind of Gem Deposit to be paid Permitted limit to bid
(1) Gems € 10,000 € 100,000
(2) Jade € 20,000 € 200,000

(e) Making bids for lots priced more than the permitted limit is required to make additional deposit (10% of its value ) to the Account No. EEM 400034 opened with the Myanma Economic Bank (Nay Pyi Taw) by the name of The Central Committee of Emporium (Deposit). Deposit must be made by the preview deadline as below;

Sr. Kind of Gem Kind of selling system Deposit Payment Date
(1) Gems Open Tender June 22, 2018
(2) Jade Open Tender June 23, 2018

5. Starting from 6th June 2018, admission card will be issued at the Maniradana Jade Hall, Registration Office to the foreign merchants who have already paid the deposit ahead.

6. Application Forms for admission to Emporium can be downloaded from provided websites (www.mining.gov.mm or www.mge.gov. mm), starting form 26th May 2018. Application can also be submitted via On-Line Pre-Registration System from www.mge.gov. mm. The requirements to make the admission card are as follow;

(a) Name, Passport and National Scrutiny Card No. (Passport Issuing Country)

(b) Clear Photocopy of Passport.

(c) Two passport photos taken within one month.

(d) Complete contact information, (to state Phone No., Fax No. and E-mail if applicable)

(e) Admission fee – Myanmar currency (Kyat) which is equivalent to US$ 100.

7. Buyers shall settle payment for the purchases within deadline as prescribed by the Sales Agreement. The necessary arrangements will be made if the buyer desires to bring his/ her fully paid purchase along with them.

8. Shipment of fully paid purchase to the buyer is made under the EXW (EX Works) System. Purchase will be timely despatched once the buyer has made full payment for the purchase. Emporium Central Committee will be responsible for loading the merchandise onto the Transportation Vehicles from the Emporium Hall while the buyer himself or his authorized representative company will be held liable for the remaining processes.

Emporium Central Committee

Source: Ministry of Natural Resources and Environmental Conservation

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