Illegal fuelling stations to face action

The government will take action against shops operating along the Mandalay-Madaya road in Mandalay Region, which have been supplying fuel illegally in order to improve fire safety and tax collection, said U Zarni Aung, minister of Energy and Construction.

“The District Road and Bridge Department has filed cases to remove the illegal fuel stops beside the road. However, some of these shops have continued operating. We’ll keep on conducting operations to remove them also,” said U Zarni Aung in reposnse to a request from Madaya township MP U Min Min to remove the illegal and dangerous shops.

According to the authorities, there were 26 illegal fuel shops run by squatters along the Mandalay-Madaya road last year. Fifteen have been removed while 11 are still operating.

U Zarni Aung said the operators of the remaining shops will be punished according to Section 37 of the Petroleum and Petroleum Products Law.

The shops have been there in operations despite continuous efforts by law enforcement authorities to close them because they only have to pay K300,000 ub fines for their illegal operations, said U Min Min.

“Without legal licences, they have undue advantages over legal shops as they do not have to pay taxes,” he said.

“Their profit is better than licensed shops. Official shops have to undergo tests for quality and storage. But there is no inspection for illegal shops, they could prove to be a safety hazard,” he said.

Source: Myanmar Times

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