Document required by Myanmar citizen to Register Private Company liability limited by Share

Please fill up all the text boxes below. If you are not sure how to fill up the box just put “Not Sure” in the text box and we will help you to fill it up later.

Name of private company whose liability is limited by share must have the word 'LIIMTED"or "LTD" in its last word.

Particulars of Shareholders

Need a minimum of 1 shareholder. X + Y = 100%
There is no minimum capital requirement to setup a company under the new Myanmar Company Law. For example you can setup a company with a paid-up capital of MMK 10,000 i.e. in the event of bankruptcy the shareholder is only liable for up to MMK 10,000 of debt.
Recommend using only 1 Class of Share i.e. Ordinary Share

Location of Registered Office

There is no zoning law in Myanmar, so you can use a residential address as a registered office address.

Objective of Company

Details of Company Officers

Myanmar is an ex-British colony - so it follows the British tradition of recognizing a Managing Director as the highest ranking officer in the company, who runs the company on a day to day basis. The Managing Director is like the CEO in an American company.
Must reside in Myanmar for 183 out of 365 days in a fiscal year. The ordinarily resident director must have a Myanmar address, mobile number and a contactable email.
Only trusted people should be given the power to sign the company cheque.

Required Documentation

Please send the document to us via email at thiha (at) consult-myanmar (dot) com . Take note that we do not accept fax transmission. If you need to courier any document to us - please use DHL. Other couriers may not have offices in Myanmar.

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