Documents Required for MIC Due Diligence

Please ensure that you filled up all the text boxes below. If information required is not applicable just put in “Not Applicable”. If you are not sure just put in “Not Sure and we will come back to advice you on how best to provide the info requested.

Particulars of Company to be incorporated

Please provide the proposed name of your company
The Authorized Capital is the maximum capital (or the ceiling) in terms of share that the company can issue to shareholders in return for capital. It is quite common for a limited liability private company in manufacturing to have a Paid-Up Capital of USD 10 million but an Authorized Capital of USD 100 million. In the event of bankruptcy the company is liable to its debtors up to USD 10 million only (i.e. the paid-up capital). However if the company need to raise additional capital it can issue new share up to a value of USD 90 million. Authorized capital is normally higher than Paid-Up capital so that it gives room for the company to raise additional capital via the issue of new share to existing or new shareholders in the future.
X + Y + Z = 100% . If there are no government department involved in the shareholding then just put "Government Department = 0"
for e.g. the manufacture of small engine for generator, gardening and farming equipment; the manufacture of high strength concrete for the building & construction market; etc
Please list down clearly the address of the factory, workshop or building where the investment will be located. Take note that MIC Permit or Endorsement is issued to an investor who has secured a permanent place of doing business - so the investor needs to submit at least a draft lease agreement during the initial MIC screening process. If the investment operates in multiple locations - please list down the addresses of all locations.
This is the Paid-Up Capital of the company i.e. this is what the shareholders actually contribute in terms of capital in return for receiving share in the company. Please list down the Paid-Up Capital that the company will received within the first 5 years of operation. You can break up the actual remittance of the capital into different phases. For e.g. at the start of Phase 1, 2 and 3 remit 30%, 30% and 40% respectively of the Total Paid-Up Capital into the company's bank account in Myanmar. Take note that the MIC will hold the investor to its commitment with regards to the Paid-Up Capital it has promised to bring into Myanmar based on the time frame that the investor has outlined.
Please specify in square feet or square meter the size of the land.
What is the type of land ? Agricultural land, village land or grant land? The Administrator of the land is the legal owner of the land as is recorded in the Land Title Deed or the Township/Village Land Record Office. If it is land or building owned by the State then list down the Government Department or Organization that you deal with and the Department Head in charge.
If your investment involves clearing land that currently have people living on it and will make them homeless - you need to have a plan on how to move them humanely from their land or home and how to resettle them into another area and how to compensate them for the lost of their home.
This pertains to investment in border regions with China, India, Bangladesh, Thailand or Laos. If you investment is in border region that crosses into another country's territory - it will not be permitted.
For example the land where the factory situates is between the Mandalay and Sagaing region.

Contact Details of the Investor who is the promoter of this project

Required Documentation

Please send the document to us via email at thiha (at) consult-myanmar (dot) com with the subject "MOU or Draft Agreement for MIC Due Diligence". Take note that we do not accept fax transmission. If you need to courier any document to us - please use DHL. Other couriers may not have offices in Myanmar.