Executive Search

We have been in Myanmar since 2013. As the leading business consultancy in Myanmar – we have this constant need to hire quality reliable staff that are both literate and intelligent. Due to the broken education system in Myanmar it is very hard to find skilled workers among the young workforce in Myanmar. We have however developed methods for recruiting and testing our job candidates so that we hire staff with the skills and attitude to perform the jobs that are important to us and yet not overpay them.

We extend this experience of hiring the right staff with the right skills at the right price for our clients.

We also provide advisory service to HR Department on how to screen and test your staff during recruitment so that you maximize your chance of hiring the right candidate. To learn more about our job testing service click here

It is estimated that you need to spend at least USD 31,000 in your first year setting up operations in Myanmar. Is the risk too high? Are you looking for a lower risk way to enter the Myanmar market? Learn more about how our Market Entry Lite Strategy can help you lower the risk of entering the Myanmar market by clicking here.

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