美中贸易战严重影响了你的生意吗? Is the US-China Trade War jeopardizing your business?




  • 寻找能立即租赁的现有厂房
  • 理解劳动法和规章制度
  • 理解劳动力成本
  • 了解缅甸制造业的供应链
  • 了解根据缅甸投资法和经济特区法,面向出口的制造商可获得的税收和非税收优惠
  • 购买现有的有管理和工人的工厂


Is the US-China Trade War affecting your business?

Thinking of moving your factory to Myanmar?

We can help factory owners to do understand the followings:

  • Look for existing factory building that they can lease immediately
  • Understanding labour law and regulation
  • Understanding labour cost
  • Understanding the supply chain in Myanmar for your type of manufacturing
  • Understand the tax and non-tax benefits available to export-oriented manufacturers under the Myanmar Foreign Investment Law and the Special Economic Zone law
  • Buying over existing factory that has management and workers in place

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