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10 Prioritized Investment Activities
On 28th June 2017 the Myanmar Investment Commission (MIC) announced 10 prioritized Investment Activities that they would like to foreign investors to consider. Investors that invest in these activities and create jobs, upgrade the technology &/or productivity of Myanmar industry will enjoy benefits such as 3 to 5 years tax exemption and long term lease on property. Depending on the activities that you invest in foreign investors may be required to JV with local Myanmar citizen. Minimum investment capital required for manufacturing & services are USD 500,000 & USD 300,000 respectively if investors want to obtain an MIC Permit or Endorsement.

  1. Export promotion industries – preference is for foreign investment with 100% export operation
    • Garment, shoes and bag manufacturing
    • Electronic manufacturing
    • Myanmar agriculture – rice, maize, pulse, bean, etc
    • Myanmar fruits – mango, avocado, water melon, etc
    • Myanmar jewellery made from Myanmar jade, sapphire, ruby, gold, etc
    • Processed metal products made from Myanmar’s mined metal such as lead, tin, antimony, copper, etc
    • Myanmar designed furniture or crafts made from Myanmar wood or other natural resources
  2. Import substitution industries
    • Manufacturing of different types of vehicles and vehicle related fixtures and parts of machines
    • Manufacturing of tractors and trailers
    • Manufacturing of telephone and telecommunication equipment
    • Production of machine and machinery equipment
    • Manufacturing of electricity distributing and control apparatus
    • Production of iron and steel
    • Production of fertilizer
    • Manufacturing of plastic raw materials
    • Manufacturing of paper
    • Production of emulated fibre
    • Production of edible oil
    • Production of medicine
    • Manufacturing of cosmetics products
  3. Logistic industries – investment in major cities of logistics and trading hub:
    • Dry Port Services
    • Bonded Warehouses Services
    • Highway Bus and Freight Terminals
    • Warehouses and Wholesale Centers
  4. Agriculture and its related services, value-added production of agricultural products
    • Distribution of low-cost irrigation systems to rural communities (e.g. solar-powered, with instruction)
    • Leasing of agricultural tools and machinery
    • Distribution of high-quality seeds for higher yields
    • Establishment of the production of fertilizers, crop protection chemicals etc
    • Contract farming (i.e. direct sourcing from rural communities based on partnership agreements)
    • Introducing value-added production / processing based on local agricultural produce (e.g. production of Mango Puree, Dry Fruits, Potato Chips, etc from local produce)
    • Establish packaging / canning industry for agricultural produce
    • Establishment of research and training institutions or demonstration farms on integrated agriculture, crop sequencing, fertilizer use, organic agriculture and agriculture-related business skill development
    • Construction of temperature controlled warehouses and cold storages for fresh produce
    • Microfinance, micro-insurance and trade finance services for farmers
  5. Livestock production, breeding and production of fishery products
    • Aquaculture of different types of fish (except fresh water fish)
    • Aquaculture of shrimp and prawn
    • Fish food production
    • Fish and seafood processing facilities
    • Cooling, canning and packaging facilities
    • Establishment of education and research institutions to broaden knowledge as well as the base of human resources available to the fisheries sector
  6. Power sector
    • Construction of medium to large-scale hydro and gas-fired power plants in Public-Private-Partnerships
    • Investments into the transmission system (e.g. high-voltage transmission lines between the North of Myanmar and Yangon)
    • Realization of small-scale hydro-power projects e.g. to supply a village tract
    • Establishment of solar energy farms and wind power farms
    • Provision of efficient and practical solar-power kits to communities currently off-grid as well as of solar-power based solutions (e.g. solar-powered pumps, solar lighting)
    • Upgrading of the current power infrastructure in urban centers and industrial zones
    • Import, storage, wholesale, distribution and retailing of petroleum products
  7. Education services
    • College teaching business courses like MBA classes in association with University of London, Singapore Institute of Management, Kaplan University,etc.
    • Middle or High School teaching UK, US or Singapore education curriculum. To prepare students for studying overseas?
    • Enrichment classes such as how to study and pass exam, computer school to teach coding, how to become a successful entrepreneurs, etc
    • Corporate training schools that teaches Myanmar people how to dress and business etiquette, business computer skills such as advance Microsoft Office, internet skills, online marketing skills, presentation skills, etc.
    • Vocational training for construction, marine, logistic and mining industries
    • Specialized training for banking, finance and insurance industries.
  8. Health care industry
    • Specialist hospital for treatment of Heart & Vascular (coronary); Cancer; Children (pediatrics); Ear, Nose & Throats (ENT). Kidney (renal), Lung (respiratory), Urinary & Reproductive (urology), Women (obstetrics & gynecology). etc
    • Laboratory for testing blood, urine, X-ray, Magnetic Resonance Imaging, etc
  9. Construction of affordable housing
  10. Establishment of industrial estate


Click here to see what are the Joint Ventures between foreigners and Myanmar citizen and Wholly Owned Foreign Investments that have been approved by DICA todate and what their investment activities are. This will give you a good indicator of what investments DICA will approve.

To see the complete list of Promoted Sectors that DICA is promoting go to Promoted Sectors (or click here) to see a breakdown by sector under MIC Notification No 13/2017 of 1st April 2017.

As a foreigner you can setup a Service Company and own it 100% without having to JV with a Myanmar citizen as long as the nature of the business is service (i.e. skill based) in nature and does not require an import licence. Example of a service trade that a foreigner can own 100% would be running a restaurant or a consultancy company. For other trade you may have to JV with Myanmar citizen. The minimum capital required to setup a Service Company is USD 50,000 – half (USD 25,000) need to be brought into the country upon incorporation – the other half to be brought in within 5 years before your business licence expire. If you want to learn more write to info (at) with subject: “Inquiry about Business Activities of Service Company” and list down the business activities that you want to be engaged in in Myanmar.

The above are just some of the areas that you can explore. Myanmar now is like China in the 1980s – everything look old, grey and crumbling and everything need to be build anew. For more information – please visit the following sections on our website:

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To evaluate the various segments of the market that you could possibly enter base on your competencies you can do a Custom Market Entry Strategy Research. You can see a sample report at page “Actual Sample of Client Report”. Click here to go to page.